Business Opportunity

My Medical Center (MMC) was formed to provide business opportunity to the professionals and service providers in the Healthcare Sector. MMC was started by experienced healthcare professionals (doctors) from various fields of expertise, offering a golden opportunity to any healthcare service providers. Our business model is probably the first of its kind in Malaysia and probably in the world offered in the Healthcare Sector. We assure all our business partners that they will not regret venturing with MMC. Their interest will be protected. We believe in sharing of wealth and opportunity such as this should not be monopolized by one individual.  In the future, MMC plans to construct more private medical centres in every state in Malaysia in the next 10 years.

The Board of Director’s set out to identify a strategic location to construct our very first private medical centre. The Board of Director’s identified The City of IPOH as a potential booming area for development. Since we did not want to set up a centre nearby any existing medical centres, a new township called Bandar Meru Raya (BMR) was chosen as the perfect location because there were no private medical centres situated within the 15 km radius. A piece of land measuring 14.7 acres was purchased to build a private medical center. This land is located next to Tenby Schools Ipoh and bordering to the 31,000 hectare of forest reserve. The Board of Director’s believe that this definitely will be the best location in Ipoh to set up a private medical center as it is surrounded by nature and located on a hilly area.

Located across the North-South Highway from Jelapang, BMR has been touted as the new Cyberjaya and Putrajaya for Ipoh. In 2007, it was recognized as the MSC Malaysia Cybercentre.

This is perfect location will undergo 3 phases of development:-

                                        Phase 1 – My Medical Center

                                        Phase 2 – Medical Tourism

                                        Phase 3 – Retirement Village

The board of director’s are very optimistic that by year 2017, My Medical Center (MMC), a multidiscipline Private Medical Centre will be fully operational providing the Best Private Medical Services and will one day be The Preferred Healthcare Provider. 

As a new private medical center and with a vision that one day we would like to be the best healthcare provider in the country, we would like to invite interested individuals or companies with the similar vision to participate in our project.

We plan to outsource the following services.


1.                  Accident & Emergency Department and 24 hours Outpatient Clinic             (Approx. 768m² / 8267ft²)

2.                  Diagnostic & Imaging Department (Approx.  832m² / 8956ft²)

3.                  Pathology Laboratories & Blood Bank Department

            (Approx. 192m² / 2067ft²)

4.                  Pharmacy & Store Department (Approx. 512m² / 5511ft²)

5.                  Physiotherapy Centre (Approx. 256m² / 2756ft²)

6.                  Haemodialysis Centre (Approx. 448m² / 4822ft²)

7.                  CATH Lab (Approx. 640 m² / 6889 ft²)

8.                  ICU / CCU / HDU (Approx. 960m² / 103331ft²)

9.                  Operation Theatre  (7 Operating Rooms) (Approx. 1024m² / 11022ft²)

10.             CSSD & CSSU Facility (Approx. 384m² / 4133ft²)

11.             NICU (Approx. 384m² / 4133ft²)

12.             Endoscopy Facility (Approx. 640m² / 6889ft²)

13.             Cardiology Facility (Approx. 192m² / 2067 ft²)

14.             Ward Rooms (333 rooms – Upon fully operational)



15.             Canteen & Outdoor Café (Approx. 1536m² / 16533ft²)

16.             Housekeeping Services (Approx. 48m² / 517ft²)

17.             Safety, Security (Approx. 32m² / 345ft²) & Parking Services (990

            parking lots)

18.             Laundry & Linen Services (Approx. 128m² / 1378ft²)

19.             Maintenance & Engineering Services (BEMS & FEMS)

20.             Staff Hostel (159 rooms)

Companies that are interested to participate must be service oriented, committed, dedicated, dynamic and ever willing to strive for excellence. 

We would like to hear from you at the soonest time possible. Please submit your company profile and business proposal to us.

For inquiries please e-mail